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Learn how Civin can help solve your community's most challenging problems

Focus Areas
Civin is designed to work for a wide range of potential use cases, so that communities don’t need to maintain different tools for every project. Some of the areas we’ve designed it to work for include:

  • Performance management
  • Finance and budget tracking
  • Public safety
  • Health, housing, and social services
  • Transportation and transit
  • Property and asset management
  • Environment and energy
  • Communications and transparency

As the platform continues developing, we will share more specific examples of how communities are using it to tackle their own specific challenges.
How It Works
Platform subscribers get access to a collection of pre-built solutions to common challenges that communities face
Ready-to-Use Content and Integrations
Additional solutions to more specialized challenges are available as platform add-ons for an additional cost
A Wide Range of Use Cases
Enterprise subscribers and third-party partners can use the Developer API to build their own custom solutions on top of Civin’s infrastructure
Flexibility for All Your Data Needs
The initial use case for our platform is our Public Data Explorer, which enables users of all skill levels to quickly find and analyze a wide range of freely-available datasets from government sources and third parties.

Our beta platform compiles this data in a single repository, provides user-friendly analysis and visualization tools, and adapts these datasets to fit the most relevant geographies for community planning and operations.

Our Public Data Explorer tool is in its beta phase and is currently being tested by communities of all sizes.

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