Our Solutions

Learn how Civin can help solve your community's most challenging problems.

At the center of our platform is our Data Explorer toolkit, which includes:

  • Table Builder: Create customized tables across geographies and timeframes with ease.
  • Trend Charts: Visualize trends over time across a range of variables and geographies.
  • Map Viewer: Explore patterns within your community and compare across the region.
  • Comparisons: Analyze the links between key variables to understand how they relate.

These tools are built on top of a core platform that connects a user-friendly web interface with a powerful data back-end. Users can get started now with a curated collection of public data, with much more (including support for internal datasets) coming soon.
Data Explorer
Coming Soon
Our platform is designed for a wide range of potential use cases, so that communities don’t need to maintain different tools for every project. Some of the things we're currently working on:
Fire Risk Prediction
By using machine learning to model fire risk for individual properties and identify specific hazards like faulty wiring, bad alarm systems, and hazardous material storage, we can recommend targeted interventions and mitigate risks to lives and property.
Performance Management
With lightweight tools for sourcing and analyzing performance data and clear guidance on best practices for implementation, we can empower communities to track and promote progress toward their strategic goals without getting bogged down in bureaucratic overhead.
Fraud & Anomaly Detection
By applying advanced analytics and AI to data on permit applications, contract invoices, and other complex forms and documents, we can quickly spot unusual patterns and flag potential errors or fraud, saving communities money while avoiding costly delays or overburdened staff.
Want to be an early user?
Send us an email at beta@civin.co to learn more about pilot projects and other tools coming up on our roadmap.