What Civin Offers for Tech Companies

After years of working at the intersection of technology and government, our team intimately understands the unique challenges of civic tech. We can work with you to create new tools and services for the public sector, get connected to key decision-makers and subject matter experts, and market your products successfully. Our experts can also help to improve your internal processes and infrastructure, optimize your business strategy, and develop your team’s potential through training and mentoring.


  • Support for development of new civic tech tools and services
  • Help adapting existing tools and services for public sector
  • Advice on data governance, privacy, and security policies
  • Guidance on integration with public sector tools and systems
  • Technical input on product design and implementation
  • Recruitment, training, and mentoring support for your team


  • Assistance with public-sector marketing and sales strategy
  • Access to networks of connections in government, tech, and investing
  • Market and industry research
  • SME partnerships for projects and proposals
  • Public sector-focused marketing and training materials for your products
  • Co-branded projects and proposals


  • "CDO on Demand" model for policy and process development
  • Collaboration on data sharing, governance, privacy, and security policies
  • Development of innovation playbooks and strategy templates
  • Creation of frameworks for public-private collaborations 
  • Discovery of funding and partnership opportunities
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