What Civin Offers for Governments and Nonprofits

After years of working at the intersection of technology and government, our team intimately understands the unique challenges of civic tech. We can work with you to find the right technology for your specific needs, with an emphasis on factors such as maintainability, interoperability, and cost-effectiveness, and help you to develop innovation strategies and policies that make sense for your organization. Our experts can also work with your team to provide technical guidance throughout the planning, procurement, and implementation stages of your digital, cloud, and data-driven transformation initiatives.


  • Strategic support for digital, cloud, and data-driven transformation
  • Technical assistance for  tool / infrastructure development and integration
  • Organizing, recruitment, and mentoring for analytics, engineering, and digital teams
  • Custom trainings on performance management, technical skills, and more
  • Data quality, governance, security, privacy, and usage auditing


  • Industry and "best fit" analysis for identifying potential technology solutions
  • Streamline IT procurement processes to promote innovation and efficiency
  • Assistance with RFP writing, market intelligence, and proposal evaluation
  • Technology auditing, contract evaluation, and budget development
  • Project support for vendor management and systems integration
  • Proposal writing, solicitation, and evaluation


  • "CDO on Demand" model for policy and process development
  • Collaboration on on data sharing, governance, privacy, and security policies
  • Development of innovation playbooks and strategy templates
  • Creation of frameworks for public-private and educational partnerships
  • Cross-agency collaborations for development, funding, and purchasing
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